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Not Having Enough Time Is

Where It Starts


Travel is hectic. And you are a human - meaning priorities will slip out
of your hands. So does this spell disaster every time you travel?
Absolutely not.

At least not if you have RoamApp.


Travel Features That You

Would Actually Use


RoamApp has four features to help you travel smarter.
Anything less seemed like saying an outright ‘no’ to a free concert!

Roaming Cost Control

Set a budget for calling back home and stay notified in real-time of all your roaming calls and data expenses. Based on your use, the charges are automatically calculated and deducted from the roaming budget.

Travel Itinerary

Plan your travel and organize all of it into one simple place. Stay ahead with alerts when you add flights, rail, car rentals, hotel bookings, meetings and activities to your travel dates.

The more you know,
the less you worry
Travel Expenses

Record your every purchase throughout the trip. Capture flight tickets, booking receipts, restaurant and shopping bills to stay updated on your expenses. Create a budget and add by type, location, and participants.

Travel Companion

Find honest reviews and recommendations for your country of visit. Know popular destinations from cities to user-rated attractions, hotels, and restaurants along with details, phone numbers, and directions. Locate nearby ATMs as well!


The application is free to download and share. It is free from advertisements.
It is simple. The application finds your local operator and lets you select your contract type. Set your roaming limit and turn on the control. Control on deducts your roaming costs from the overall budget that you have set. The link at the bottom of the page shows you the roaming rates which you need to input in the ‘Per minute’ call and data blanks. After this, all your calls and data activity charges are notified to you in real-time and warn you when you reach the limit.
Great question! The attractions, activities and restaurants in the area are carefully curated based on their ratings and reviews. Only the top rated ones are made available to you so that you do not have to go through a lot of options to find the best experience.
No, it's a matter of your preference. The budget need not be provided to use the features of the app. But, it will show a negative balance as your expenses for a particular trip due to our pro-activeness.
Our travel advisory feature promotes having an adventure the local way. Even your neighbourhood is foreign to someone else, and our app makes no exception to limit you from having fun in your own hometown.
We continuously monitor your calls and data activities when you’re roaming and keep you updated about the expenses. We do not interfere or lower your mobile use expenses.
Unfortunately, we do not. You’ll have to depend on that application itself to determine the costs.